Menus & Policies

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Protocol for Special Events

Booking & Attendance Guarantees

Please notify the Events Manager of your meal or function selection, approximate number of guests, room arrangement, equipment requests, and all other details at least two weeks prior to your event. It is best to have one designated function representative coordinating all details to assure the best communication. Substitute or special dietary plates may be ordered if done in advance, and will be priced accordingly.

Guarantee Policy

The Club must be notified of the approximate number of guests at least fourteen (14) days prior to the event, and a guaranteed final count by 12:00 noon, two (2) days prior to the event. This guaranteed final count will be the number for which you are billed. If more guests are served than the guaranteed number, the additional guests will be billed at one and a half times the quoted charge. In the event that this final count is not received, the original estimated attendance would be prepared and billed. All charges must be billed through the members account.

Price Quotes

Price quotes, verbal or written, are subject to change due to fluctuation in food and beverage costs or increased operations costs. Confirmed prices will not be quoted more than thirty (30) days in advance of the function date. If your group is tax exempt, a copy of the certificate must be provided before the event. 20% service charge and 6% sales tax will be added to all food an beverage items.

Cancellation Policy

Functions which are cancelled within 48 hours of the scheduled date may be charged 50% of gross food sales based on the guaranteed menu count.

Entrée Selections

The entrée selection on all banquet menus is limited to one choice. However, two (2) choices may be available with advance notice of entree selections and identification procedure to determine entree location at each place setting. There will be an additional $3.00 per person charge for multi-entrée functions. Two choices are limited to 100 guests or less.

Room Charges

All business related events, and non-member sponsored events, are subject to a room charge.