How to Apply

Joining the Cascade Hills Family

We are delighted that you are interested in pursuing a membership at Cascade Hills! Joining the membership is a four-step process that typically spans 30 days. The steps are outlined below:

1. Sponsorship

To begin the process, two current CHCC members are needed to submit Sponsor Forms on behalf of a prospective member. If a prospective member is new to the area or does not anyone at the Club, please reach out to Director of Membership & Marketing, Leah Deiss, and she will connect you with two members to meet with as potential sponsors. 

2. Presentation to the membership

Once two sponsor forms are received, the prospective member's name, along with the names of the sponsoring members, are presented to the membership. The membership has ten business days to submit feedback.

3. Referral to the Membership Committee

The Membership Committee reviews the prospective member's application, as well as the membership's feedback. They will then vote to make a recommendation to the Board of Directors.

4. Election by the Board of Directors

The final decision of a prospective member's acceptance into the membership, is made by the Board of Directors. A vote is conducted via secret ballot. The Secretary of the Club will notify the prospective member of their election to membership.