Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff

The Club is exceptionally proud of the longevity of our professional staff. Their commitment to the needs of the Club and our membership is unmatched in a private club environment. Below are the years-in-service of some of our senior positions:

General Manager Since 1985
Golf Course Superintendent Since 1992
Event Manager Since 2000
Business Manager Since 2003

To meet these and the rest of our remarkable Cascade staff members, please expand the links below.

  • Office Staff
  • Clubhouse Staff

      Dana A. Carlson
      General Manager
      Ext. 104
        Ryan Wells
      Assistant Manager
      Ext. 111


      Roel Smith
      Executive Chef
      Ext. 105

        Greg Kellermeier
      Sous Chef
      Ext. 105
       Bernadette Amador
      Pastry Chef
      Ext. 107
        Paula Balzeski
      Event Manager
      Ext. 109
      Ericka Chandler
      Banquet Manager
      Ext. 120

        Chris Schluckebier
      Assistant Banquet Manager

      Erik Pohl 
      Beverage Director/Club Sommelier
      Ext. 142
        Rick Hurley
      Maintenance Superintendent
      Ext. 114 
      Donna Crawford
      Maintenance & Head of Housekeeping
      Ext. 132
         Pam Jeffery
      Maintenance & Housekeeping
      Ext. 132 
       Luis Farfan
      Maintenance & Housekeeping
      Ext. 132
         Dolores Ayala
      Maintenance & Housekeeping
      Ext. 132



  • Grounds Staff
    • Alan C. Bathum
      Golf Course Superintendent
      Ext. 110
      Orville Davis
      Assistant Superintendent
      Ext. 110

      Jason Reece
      Assistant Superintendent
      Ext. 110

      Geese Police